EVA Rubber and Algae Polymer Yoga Mat NATURA BLOOM 5MM

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Sustainability innovation at its best: the first yoga mat that helps clean water and air!

💚 BLOOM was developed to use algae as a means to clean up the environment while providing sustainable algae-based materials to the world.

🌎 During algae harvesting, they are separated from the water and the clean, filtered and oxygenated water is returned to the environment helping to restore the ecosystem. Algae also absorb and trap CO2 from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis.

🌿 For each mat, 64 liters of clean water are returned to the environment, as well as 40 cubic meters of clean CO2 air to the atmosphere.

Includes yoga strap to carry your mat and take it with you during your practices.

This mat is 100% handmade in a completely artisanal way and with an extra dose of care and love.

Uses natural and biodegradable materials. High density grip, joint protection, unmatched support.

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Gran amortiguación. Embalaje ecológico y esterilla reciclable. 100% libre de låtex / PVC. Certificado OEKO-TEX Standar100.

No absorbe sudor ni humedad. Previene el crecimiento de bacterias y hongos. Producto vegano.

esterillas respetuosas con el medio ambiente


  • Material: Espuma de EVA expandido y polĂ­mero de algas.
  • Tamaño: 60cm x 190cm x 5mm
  • Peso: 0.8 kg
  • Sostenibilidad: Oeko-tex 100
  • Diseñado y fabricado en España.
  • Esterilla fabricada 100% a mano de forma totalmente artesanal y con una dosis extra de cuidado y cariño. ÂĄTodas nuestras mats son Ășnicas, no existen dos iguales!

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25 in stock

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