Set of 2 Dumbbells 2kg


The package contains 2 Dumbbells Perpetual.Fitness of 2 Kg. (Total package weight: 4 Kg)

These dumbbells from are ideal for toning your arms, abdomen, glutes and core. Ideal weights for beginners, men and women who want to get in shape, tone and strengthen muscles or lose weight and lose weight.

You can use them on a weight bench, on a gym ball, stability board or leaning on the floor. Ideal for cardio and resistance aerobic exercises (walking with dumbbells) or for practicing balance exercises. You can use them for an infinite number of exercises: dumbbell planks, squats with dumbbells, lunges with dumbbells, etc.

Thanks to their hexagonal design, they stay flat on the floor, preventing them from rolling and causing accidents or damage to your home furniture.

The ideal gift for family and friends who want to get in shape. These small dumbbells are suitable for travel, thanks to their low weight. Easy to clean and disinfect.

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  •   ️‍♂️ DUMB KIT: Set of two 2 KG lightweight cast iron dumbbells from Perpetual.Fitness. Choose the ideal weight according to your fitness level and training goals.
  •  ERGONOMIC, ANTI-SLIP AND 100% SAFE: Thanks to its hexagonal design, it avoids rolling on the floor. Its ecological neoprene coating provides a perfect grip and avoids damaging the floor of your home. Non-slip grip.
  •  HOME GYMNASIUM: Ideal for training and muscle toning at home. Turn your home into a gym and train your biceps, triceps, deltoids, shoulders and core optimally. This kit is ideal for training routines, aerobic fitness exercises, pilates resistance, body pump, GAP, crossfit, body pump or to combine with calisthenics exercises.
  • ❤️ REHABILITATION AND PHYSIOTHERAPY: Suitable for muscle and injury recovery exercises.
  •  QUALITY MATERIAL: Cast iron weights with neoprene coating (much stronger and more durable than vinyl).

What to consider when buying your 2kg weights?

If you are a beginner or are just starting to train and exercise, you may have thought about starting to incorporate weights into your workouts, but don’t quite know how to do it or which ones to use, nor do you want to use very extreme weights, 2kg dumbbells may be a good item to start with.

These dumbbells are very practical because they are not as heavy, so they are not designed for traditional bodybuilding exercises, in the sense of weight lifting or the use of weight benches with weight racks (if that’s what you’re looking for, we recommend our article on weight benches).

However, they can be very useful to complement other types of exercise, such as spinning (we also recommend our articles on spinning), or some exercises to gain muscle mass, either in the whole body or in a specific area (for example, the buttocks).

For this reason, they are an essential tool in any exercise routine. Training with dumbbells is ideal, not only to strengthen the muscles of your arms and upper body, but also to help in strengthening exercises for other muscles of the body.

What exercises can I use the 2kg dumbbells for?

As we have been saying, dumbbells are very useful for all types of exercises, as they help to provide weight for training in a very simple, comfortable and convenient way, which makes them ideal for all possible routines.

You can use them, for example, to do squats, step up exercises, spinning, lateral or front flights, lunges, bicep curls, tricep extension, hammer curl, shoulder press, wall sit, among many others. Very versatile, isn’t it?

There are many people who use other implements, such as bottles full of water, sacks full of rice or flour, several books, rocks or heavy stones, bags or backpacks, among other things.

If all this can be used as a replacement for dumbbells, why not do the same yourself, instead of using barbells?

On the one hand, the dumbbells are specially designed to be ergonomic and fit perfectly in your hands, which makes them much easier to use and the fact that you can carry, grab and hold them during the exercise in the most comfortable way possible.

In addition, it not only makes it more comfortable but also safer. Avoid the risk of injury from training with unbalanced, poorly positioned or even excessive weight.

This also benefits because when choosing dumbbells you always know exactly how much they weigh, and you don’t have to guess, estimate or try to achieve a certain weight, or worse, two weights that match.

2 kg weights, ideal for beginners, pilates or toning exercises.

In addition to the general benefits of all dumbbells, the 2kg dumbbells are especially suitable if you are a beginner or if you want to use them to complement another exercise that already involves strength, endurance, muscle building, etc.


Because they do not have an excessive weight, so if you are not very used to lifting weights they can be ideal, but in any case they do provide an extra weight to the exercise.

They are easy to handle, carry, transport, transport to another place, have on hand, etc. Thus, they are also ideal for those who are traveling, need to change locations, or are simply looking for something additional and convenient to complement their workouts.

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Weight 4 kg

Steel, Cast Iron, Neoprene

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