Set of 2 Dumbbells 1.5kg


The set has 2 weights of 1.5kg each (Total weight: 3kg).

Ideal weight for beginners and toning: This pair of 1.5 kg dumbbells is perfect for both beginners and those looking to tone and strengthen their muscles. Improve your workout routine with this set of versatile and effective dumbbells!

Ergonomic and safe design: The dumbbells feature a curved handle and neoprene coating to ensure a comfortable, non-slip grip. Train with confidence knowing that our dumbbells won’t slip out of your hands.

Hexagonal shape for greater stability: The hexagonal design of our cast iron dumbbells prevents them from rolling unexpectedly, providing secure and stable support during use. No more worries about accidents or damage to your home furnishings.

Versatile and effective workout: These dumbbells are ideal for a wide variety of exercises and strength training, such as yoga, pilates, aerobics and more. Take control of your fitness and transform your home into a personalized gym!

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Set of 2 lightweight 1.5 KG cast iron dumbbells from Perpetual.Fitness. Sold in pairs. Total weight: 3kg.

Choose the ideal weight according to your fitness level and training goals.

The hexagonal design prevents rolling on the ground. Its ecological neoprene coating provides a perfect grip and avoids damaging the floor of your home. Non-slip grip.

Ideal for training and muscle toning at home. Turn your home into a gym and train your biceps, triceps, deltoids, shoulders and core optimally. This kit is ideal for training routines, aerobic fitness exercises, pilates resistance, body pump, GAP, crossfit, body pump or to combine with calisthenics exercises.

Suitable for muscle recovery and injury recovery exercises.

Neoprene-coated cast iron weights (much stronger and more durable than vinyl)

What to consider when buying 1.5 kilo weights

Toning and strengthening

The 1.5 kg dumbbells are ideal for toning and strengthening exercises for arms, shoulders, chest and back. Some examples of exercises include biceps curl, shoulder press, chest press and dumbbell rowing.

Endurance training

These lightweight weights are also excellent for resistance and aerobic training. You can use them during cardio exercises such as walking, running or jumping rope to add intensity and challenge to your routine.

Pilates and yoga

The 1.5 kg dumbbells can be easily incorporated into your Pilates or yoga practice to increase endurance and improve upper body strength. Try performing poses and movements with the dumbbells in your hands to add an extra challenge.

Functional training

Functional training focuses on exercises that mimic everyday movements and improve mobility and strength in multiple planes of motion. The 1.5 kg dumbbells are perfect for exercises such as dumbbell lunges, squats and single-leg deadlifts, which work muscles and movements we use in our daily lives.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Dumbbells of this weight and size are ideal for those in the process of physical recovery from injury or requiring rehabilitation exercises. These weights allow muscles to be worked in a safe and controlled manner, and can be useful for regaining strength and mobility after injury or surgery.

Balance and stability training

The 1.5 kg dumbbells can also be used to improve stability and balance. Exercises such as the plank with dumbbell lift or the tree pose in yoga with a dumbbell in hand can help improve core control and overall body stability.

Warm-up and cool-down exercises

Lightweight dumbbells like these are great for warming up and cooling down before and after a more intense training session. Performing mobility exercises and dynamic stretching with dumbbells can prepare your muscles and joints for exercise and help prevent injury.


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Weight 3 kg

Steel, Cast Iron, Neoprene

1000 in stock

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