Foldable Weight Bench and Weights

  • IDEAL FOR COMPLETE TRAINING: The Perpetual.Fitness folding weight bench allows for 7 levels of backrest incline, 4 levels of seat incline and 3 levels of footrest incline. The change of positions is done quickly with a safety screw, allowing to train all types of muscles: arms, legs, chest, shoulders, abs, triceps, etc. Turn your home into a gym.
  • STURDY AND STABLE: The Perpetual weight bench is designed with top quality steel, which can support a weight of up to 150kg.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE, TRANSPORT AND STORE: Includes the tools and instruction manual needed to assemble your home gym bench. Thanks to its foldable design, it takes up very little space (under the bed, behind a closet, etc.).
  • ✅ DESIGN AND COMFORT: Ergonomically designed abdominal bench, with the seat and backrest lined with synthetic leather that facilitates grip and perspiration. Impermeable to water and sweat, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and common cleaning product. Foam foot rollers allow for pain-free abdominal crunches.
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Overcome your limits with Perpetual

The Perpetual.Fitness folding weight bench supports a weight of up to 150kg and has 7 levels of inclination in the backrest, 4 in the seat and 3 in the footrest.

Multifunctional and foldable weight bench, ideal for full body training, both at home and in the gym. Increase your muscle mass and burn calories. All types of workout routines can be performed: weight and dumbbell lifts, incline bench exercises, decline bench exercises, flat bench exercises, bench presses, abdominal crunches, chest exercises, shoulders, hamstrings, triceps, biceps, quads, and others.

The seat and backrest are padded (5cm thick) and filled with soft foam and covered in breathable synthetic leather that repels sweat and facilitates cleaning (we recommend using a damp cloth).

This fitness chair is constructed of steel and has a total weight of 10kg. Scratch resistant.

Package includes: 1 training bench, 1 set of assembly tools and 1 instruction manual.

Folded bench size: 68 cm long, 43 cm wide and 23 cm high.

What exercises can you perform on the bench?

  • Crunch sit-ups
  • Leg lifts
  • Bench press (with barbell or dumbbells)
  • Biceps Curl
  • Triceps French Press
  • Push-ups with elevation
  • Dumbbell oars
  • Hip Thrust

What are the advantages of training with a weight bench?

First of all, its versatility, since all muscle groups of the body can be trained. Secondly, the spine and back suffer much less from training, reducing the risk of injury.

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