Pilates and Fitness Ball (Special ball for pregnant women)

  • POLIVALENT TRAINING: Ideal for toning and working the abdominal and core muscles in general. Pilates balls have become an essential accessory: improve your balance, increase your muscle mass and calorie burning with exercises such as: push-ups, squats, hypopressive abdominals, isometrics, planks, as a support for lifting weights, stretching, etc. .
  • puncture-resistant design: Manufactured with premium quality PVC anti-puncture. This fitness ball has a height of 65 cm and resists up to 1000 kg of weight without bursting.
  • IDEAL PREGNANCY and POST PREGNANCY: Pilates ball for pregnant women. Relieves back pain by absorbing weight and reducing impact on the pelvis. Strengthens and helps the stability of the hips. After childbirth, it is also useful to perform pelvic floor toning exercises.
  • INCLUDED INFLATOR SLEEVE: A foot inflator is included so you can store your fitball without taking up so much space. Inflates and deflates quickly. For your home gym, office or even when you’re on the road.
  • FOR WORKING AT HOME OR IN THE OFFICE: Changing your conventional chair for a Pilates ball improves your posture, balance, blood circulation, increases your muscles, reduces cellulite and improves concentration.
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The Perpetual.Fitness pilates ball is made of high quality PVC with a special anti-burst design. 65 cm high. Resists up to 1000 kg of weight. Includes a foot stain.

What are the advantages and benefits of a fitness exercise ball?

Exercises with large Pilates balls help improve overall body stability and balance. They also help improve overall posture and combat back pain .

A pilates ball can also be a great ally for men and women who want to lose weight. The contraction exercises (plank type) tone and work the muscles of the whole body (arms, core, chest, abdomen and legs), accelerating the burning of calories even when at rest.

Especially recommended for women during and after pregnancy (back pain relief, hip strengthening before and pelvic floor strengthening after childbirth). They have also become very fashionable in the office or for working at home as a substitute for the traditional chair.

What exercises can be trained with a fitball Swiss balance ball?

Squats with the ball overhead.


Knee bends.

Reverse back extensions.





Isometric exercises

Which fitball size and size is right for you?

It depends on your height. Normally, 65 cm balls are recommended for people between 160 cm and 190 cm. If you are shorter, a 55 cm ball may be a good idea, but if you are pregnant it is recommended to stick with the 65 cm balls as the extra weight will make the 55 cm balls sag too much. If you are taller than 190 cm, look for 75 cm balls.