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With this jump rope from Perpetual.Fitness, take your workout wherever you are: at home, at the park or beach, at the gym or when you go on a trip. Ideal for high intensity workouts, cardio and crossfit.

It adapts to all heights (men, women and children) thanks to its system to adjust the length of the rope by cutting it. Maximum rope length is 2.8 meters.

It has an internal system of anti-dust balls that allow the ropes to be rotated very quickly. In addition, the handle is padded with viscoelastic foam with non-slip grip that facilitates the exercise.

The rope is made of thick braided steel with PVC coating. Steel provides strength and a very long service life.

Package Included: 1 jump rope 2.8 meters

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Overcome your limits with Perpetual

Jumping rope is one of the most complete cardiovascular exercises. Whether you are a beginner who wants to get in shape or you are already a fitness expert, a skipping rope can never be missing in your sports equipment.

Intensify your workouts with this professional rope designed to power your cardio, cross fitness, boxing and more. Perfect for men and women looking to take their routine to the next level.

Advantages of a weighted skipping rope

Perpetual’s weighted rope offers additional resistance during your jumps, increasing effort and optimizing calorie burn. Get ready to improve your endurance, speed and strength in every training session.

The handles of our professional skipping rope are designed with a non-slip material and an ergonomic design that guarantees a safe and comfortable grip during your exercises. Forget about slips and loss of control in your jumps.

The rope is 3 meters long, which allows it to be easily adjusted according to the user’s height. Enjoy a perfect training accessory for home gym, outdoor or group sessions.

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The advantages of using weighted ropes:

  1. More intense workout: Ballast weights add additional resistance during exercise, which means that each jump requires more effort and energy, resulting in a more intense and effective workout.
  2. Better muscle development: Jumping with a weighted jump rope involves more muscles compared to a non-weighted jump rope. This allows for a more complete and balanced muscle development, especially in the upper body, such as shoulders, arms and forearms.
  3. Calorie burning: Since weighted lunges require more effort to perform the jumps, more calories are also burned during the exercise, which is beneficial for weight loss and body weight control.
  4. Improved endurance and strength: When jumping with a weighted jump rope, the muscles and cardiovascular system work harder to adapt to the additional resistance. This leads to increased endurance and strength over time.
  5. Improved coordination and balance: Jumping with a weighted jump rope can also help improve coordination and balance. As the muscles work together to overcome the additional resistance, the body learns to move in a more efficient and balanced manner.

According to recent studies by Harvard University, jumping rope burns up to 444 calories every 30 minutes. It is also much more beneficial than other cardio exercises such as running, as the impact on the knees is much less than with running.

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What are the benefits of jumping rope?

Jumping rope is slimming, burns fat and can reduce cellulite. It improves our cardiovascular health and helps us to tone our whole body.

As we said, it is one of the most complete workouts, since it works practically all the muscles: pectorals, shoulders, buttocks, legs, back, abdomen, etc.

Package Included: 1 jump rope 2.8 meters

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