Floor Puzzle Padded Gym Pad (18 pieces)

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Versatile floor protection: PERPETUAL’s puzzle mat is perfect for protecting floors in gyms, garages, swimming pools, outdoor areas, playgrounds and campsites. With 18 pieces of 30x30cm, it covers a surface of 1.53m2.

High-quality material: Made of high-density EVA rubber, this mat is tough, durable and easy to clean. Provides extra padding for a more comfortable and safer workout, as well as protecting your floors from damage caused by heavy equipment or accidental falls.

Easy assembly and disassembly: The pieces fit together easily like a puzzle, allowing quick and easy assembly. In addition, they can be easily disassembled and stored when not in use.

Non-slip design: The textured surface of the puzzle mat ensures a non-slip grip and prevents slipping during your workouts. Ideal for yoga, pilates, strength training and cardio sessions.

Customizable: The 18 pieces allow for multiple configurations to fit the shape and size of your space. You can enlarge or reduce the covered area according to your needs.

Included in the package:

  • 18 pieces of puzzle mat (30x30cm each)
  • Removable edges for a rounded finish

With the Perpetual.Fitness puzzle mat, protect your floors and enjoy a comfortable and safe workout anywhere.

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Floor puzzles, also known as puzzle mats or modular mats, are a practical and versatile solution for protecting surfaces and providing a comfortable training environment.

Below, we will explore the different uses, features and tips for choosing the right option for you.

Gymnasiums and training areas

puzzle floor gymnasium home

One of the main uses of puzzle mats is in gyms and training areas, both at home and in commercial facilities.

They provide a cushioned base that protects the floors of heavy equipment such as cardio and weight machines, exercise and spinning bikes, etc. and minimizes the risk of damage caused by accidental falls.

Baby Puzzle Floor

Floor puzzles are an excellent choice for creating safe and comfortable play areas for children and babies. Its padded, non-slip design protects children from falls and provides them with a pleasant space to play and learn.

perpetual baby floor puzzle

Garages and workshops

Puzzle mats can also be used in garages and workshops, protecting the floor from liquid spills, oil stains and possible damage caused by heavy tools or equipment. They also provide a more comfortable working environment by reducing foot and leg fatigue.

Swimming pools and outdoor areas

Around swimming pools, terraces and outdoor recreation areas, floor puzzles provide a non-slip surface that prevents accidents and facilitates cleaning. They can also be used in camps to provide a comfortable and insulating base for tents.

protective puzzle floor

Features to consider when buying a tatami floor puzzle

Material: It is essential to choose a quality material that guarantees durability and resistance. EVA rubber is a popular choice due to its high density, easy cleanability and shock absorbing capacity. Other materials to consider are rubber, PVC and polyethylene foam.

Thickness: The thickness of the floor puzzle pieces influences the comfort and protection it offers. Greater thickness provides greater cushioning and shock absorption, but can also be more difficult to install and store.

Dimensions and number of pieces: Depending on the size of the area you wish to cover, you will have to consider the number of pieces needed and their dimensions. It is useful to choose puzzle mats that allow enlargements and reductions according to your needs.

Non-slip design: A textured surface ensures a firm grip and prevents slipping during your workouts or activities. This is especially important in wet areas, such as around swimming pools, or in gymnasiums where the

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 1 cm

Black, Blue, Gray


EVA rubber

No. of Pieces



30 x 30 cm



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