Elastic Bands for Musculation and Resistance (5 units)

  • 5 LEVELS OF STRENGTH: Perpetual.Fitness elastic bands are sold in a kit of 5 units. They are all the same length but with different levels of resistance (by color, from light to heavy) for beginners or professionals. From 2kg for the lightest to 30kg for the darkest. Adapt the intensity of your training to your level and change color as you improve.
  • ✈️ TRAIN WHEREVER YOU ARE: Thanks to the included carrying bag you can use these elastic fitness bands for exercises in your home gym, at the park, at the beach or even while traveling. The Mini Bands can be used for toning exercises, yoga, pilates, crossfit, weight lifting, squats, stretching or even for physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises.
  • STRONG AND ANTI-SLIP: Made of premium quality non-toxic latex, this set of elastic weight training bands guarantees maximum grip. Its non-slip design allows for all types of routines and workouts.
  • EXERCISES WITH ELASTIC BANDS: These closed resistance bands are indicated for training and toning routines focused on the lower body: buttocks, legs, hamstrings, thighs, hips, etc. Take your squats and squats to the next level.

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The Perpetual.Fitness PowerBand weight training elastic band kit includes 5 colored elastic bands with different resistance levels. Each tape has a color that indicates the level: from lighter to stronger, so they are suitable for beginners in the world of fitness or for more advanced athletes (they can be combined to further increase the muscle load).

The load ranges from 2 to 30 kilos.

A lightweight carrying bag is included so you can train wherever you are: at home, at the gym, in the park, at the beach or when you go on a trip.

They are made of resistant and non-toxic quality latex, specially designed for a correct non-slip grip. Thanks to their ergonomic design, they do not cause chafing or discomfort when training. Suitable for men and women, unisex design.

The main reason for their success is their versatility (and their value for money, as they are very cheap).

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What are the benefits of sports elastic bands?

Training with elastic bands has become very fashionable in recent years, as they allow a wide variety of exercises and routines: crossfit, yoga, pilates and general bodybuilding and toning exercises.

Numerous benefits make them ideal for any exercise routine. Among its main advantages, the following stand out:

  • Versatility: They allow working different muscle groups and adapt to different resistance levels.
  • Adaptability: They are suitable for both beginners and professionals, and their use can evolve as we improve our skills and strength.
  • Improved sports performance: They help to increase endurance, strength and flexibility, which translates into better performance in our sports activities.

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What kind of exercises can be performed with these elastic bands?

These closed bands are particularly suitable for working on the lower body (buttocks, thighs, legs and hamstrings).

  1. Upper body exercises:
    • Biceps curl: Works the biceps effectively using the resistance of the elastic band.
    • Triceps extensions: Strengthen your triceps by performing extensions.
    • Elastic band rowing: Works the back and shoulder muscles with a rowing motion.
    • Shoulder press: Exercises the shoulders and arm muscles by performing a shoulder press.
    • Chest Press: Strengthens the chest and arm muscles by performing a chest press.
  2. Exercises for the lower body:
    • Elastic Band Squats: Increases the resistance of conventional squats by using an elastic band.
    • Gluteal kicks: Strengthens the buttocks by performing back kicks.
    • Hip abduction: Works the hip abductor muscles by performing lateral movements.
    • Calf raises: Strengthens calf muscles by performing calf raises with the elastic band.
    • Banded gluteal bridge: Increase the intensity of the gluteal bridge exercise by placing an elastic band around your thighs.
  3. Core exercises:
    • Trunk rotations: Strengthens the oblique muscles by performing trunk rotations.
    • Elastic band crunches: Increases the intensity of abdominal crunches.
    • Elastic band plank: Add resistance to the static plank by placing an elastic band around your ankles or arms.
  4. Mobility and stretching exercises:
    • Shoulder Stretch: Use the elastic band to stretch and increase mobility in the shoulders.
    • Chest Stretch: Open the chest and stretch the pectoral muscles using the elastic band.
    • Hamstring stretch: Stretch the hamstrings with the help of an elastic band.

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